Daily Bible Reading – April 17, 2021

As I read the story of David, Nabal, and Abigail in chapter 25, an allegory came to my mind. Let David represent the Lord, Nabal the rebellious spirit of a person without God, and Abigail the spirit of a person filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Lord is sovereign, and His people benefit from His providential care, as Nabal benefited from David’s protection of his flocks and shepherds. “They were a wall to us both by night and by day, all the time we were with them tending the sheep” (v. 16). David’s words to Nabal suggest God’s loving care: “Have a long life, peace to you, and peace to your house, and peace to all that you have!” (v. 6).

Nabal “was harsh and evil in his dealings” (v. 3), “a worthless man” (v. 17) who returned “evil for good” (v. 21). He had no regard for David, but said, “Who is David?” (vv. 10). Rebellious sinners do not recognize God’s existence, in some cases, or His sovereignty, in other cases. They may even show contempt for God.

Abigail’s attitude towards David represented in several ways a person filled with the Spirit. Humility: “She fell on her face in front of David and bowed herself to the ground” (v. 23). Unworthiness: “Please … listen to the words of your slave” (v. 24). Confession and contrition: “Please do not let my lord pay attention to this worthless man … Nabal is his name, and stupidity is with him … Please forgive the offense of your slave” (vv. 25, 28). Surrender: Abigail gave a gift to David, which, in her words, “…your servant has brought to my master” (v. 27).

And the marriage between David and Abigail? “Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready” (Rev. 19:7).

– Al Gary





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