Daily Bible Reading – July 05, 2021

July 5 (Daily reading: 2 Kings 12-13; 2 Chronicles 24) “Joash did what was right in the sight of the LORD … Now it came about after this that Joash decided to restore the house of the LORD” (2 Ch. 24:2, 4). Because Joash was one of the good kings, he turned his attention to the house of the Lord. We can apply this to our individual lives, as “the temple of the Holy Spirit,” or we can apply it to the corporate sense of the Church, as “the house of God.”

Why did the temple need restoration? Here is one example of the abuse of the house of God: “For the sons of the wicked Athaliah had broken into the house of God and even used the holy things of the house of the LORD for the Baals” (2 Ch. 24:7). There was no doubt physical damage but also spiritual damage, since they used what was intended for the service of God to serve Baal instead. There is much potential application here, because one’s life (body and spirit) can be used for Satan’s purposes and not God’s.

Joash’s instructions were that the repairs be done quickly, and periodically: “Repair the house of your God annually, and you shall do the matter quickly. But the Levites did not act quickly” (2 Ch. 24:5). Years later, Joash asked, “Why do you not repair the damages of the house?” (2 Kgs. 12:7). Damages to the body and spirit are not always willful; they can be caused by neglect. Restoration, or revival, must occur quickly and frequently!

Restoration will not only put things right; it will also make them better and stronger! “So the workmen labored, and the repair work progressed in their hands, and they restored the house of God…and strengthened it” (2 Ch. 24:13). “It is good for the heart to be strengthened by grace” (Heb. 13:9).

– Al Gary





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