The Journey for Jerusalem – Discussion Questions

Q. How did Isaiah (in Isaiah 52-53) know what would happen to
Jesus (The Messiah)? What does this tell us about Jesus?

Q. What were the different perceptions of Jesus among the crowd
at the “Triumphal Entry?”

Q. Whom did Jesus say would reject him? Why is it so difficult for
people who “believe in God” to accept the idea that “Jesus is

Q. Why do you think Judas betrayed Jesus?

Q. What do you think are the main differences between the Old
Covenant and the New Covenant?

Q. After the death of Jesus, there were various natural and
supernatural events in Jerusalem. How do you think people
could explain them away? What would your reaction have been
if you had been present on that day?

Q. What choice did Jesus offer to those he encountered? React to
this statement, “Jesus was either crazy or insane – or He was
who He said He was!”

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