Daily Bible Reading – April 23, 2021

Apr 23 (Daily reading: 1 Chronicles 1-2) We arrive in our chronology at 1 Chronicles, which is in effect a review of Israel’s historic relationship with God. The genealogy takes us back to the beginning, to Adam. What is the benefit of a genealogy? It provides history, but it also brings back memories. Each name depicts a person in the human family, each person had a story, and each story contributed to God’s plan for His people. We read that Nimrod “grew to be a mighty warrior on earth” (1:10), but normally, only the name is given. This much is certain: God knew the story behind every name!

Why do you keep photos in your i-Phone? They serve the same function as the names in a genealogy. They give historical and chronological reality to your experiences. Judy created many photo albums. They are not just row after row of photos, but she adorned the photos with phrases and reminders. Judy discovered that my mother had hundreds of photos. She took on the project of putting many of the photos into albums and asking my mother questions to give them a historical perspective. Viewing her photo albums is like reading history. As Judy’s illness has progressed, I have placed many photos of her throughout our house. When I look at each one, I have a specific memory of her story.

You can do a couple of things with 1 Chronicles 1-2. You can read it out loud to see how adept you are at pronouncing Hebrew names. Or you can let it inspire you with the assurance that God’s plans are being fulfilled through His people, and you have a personal role in that—God knows your story much better than you know it yourself!

– Al Gary





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