Daily Bible Reading – June 27, 2021

Jun 27 (1 Kings 17-19) Elijah was a man of faith. He lived his life by God’s provision, whether it be by the talon of a raven or the hand of a widow. His faith helped him to live courageously by his principles. When Ahab accused him of being a “troubler of Israel,” Elijah answered: “I have not troubled Israel, but you and your father’s house have, because you have forsaken…the LORD and you have followed the Baals” (18:18). American Christians may be called bigots and troublemakers because of their moral stand, but we must never forget the true source of the overwhelming troubles that confront our land!

Elijah’s faith was never stronger than on Mount Carmel, where he confidently challenged: “You call on the name of your god, and I will call on the name of the LORD, and the God who answers by fire, He is God” (18:24). At that moment of his faith being tested, he was not intimidated by being outnumbered 850/1! He could look Ahab in the eye and accuse him of being the true troublemaker. He could see a cloud “as small as a man’s hand” and know that it contained a rainstorm!

Yet, in the face of an awesome victory, Elijah’s faith was challenged by his humanity. Peter would later look at the wind and the waves and think, “What am I doing?” At that moment of doubt, he began to sink into the waters. Elijah also may have thought, “What have I done? I cannot get away with that!” So, he caved to the pressure of his own thinking, and ran away, where God once again provided for him, this time by the hand of an angel! God came to him, the One who could speak by tornado, earthquake, or fire, but who chose to speak by “a gentle whisper” (19:12, NIV). That same voice challenges us today: “If the LORD is God, follow Him” (18:21).

– Al Gary





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