Daily Bible Reading – March 24, 2022

March 24 (Reading for March 21-27: Romans 9). I had not planned on posting on two different days this week, but you may all know that my precious Judy went to heaven yesterday morning. I will make a few personal comments today, and comment more on the text tomorrow.

Having the assignment of Romans 9 has been God’s timing for me. I have (once again) been dealing with the question of God’s sovereignty because of what happened with Judy. I felt I made the correct decision to move her to the nursing home, and then after only 12 days, she died. Her decline was fast and dramatic since she would not eat. I was not expecting that to happen, even though I was praying for God’s will in her life. I looked into her eyes on Tuesday and told her to feel free to leave me behind, I would be okay. She could go join her heavenly Father and her earthly father and family in heaven. And she did! I feel her passing is a direct answer of my prayers for her.

This experience has led me to back up and ask myself three questions about God’s sovereignty: 1st, do I believe God (faith)? 2nd, do I trust God (confidence)? 3rd, will I submit to God (dependence)? And the answer is yes! He is our Sovereign King!

See you tomorrow.

– Al Gary





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