Discussion Questions – Exodus

Q. As a child, did any adult ever put any expectations on you? Or say that you were gifted in a certain area, and claim what you might be when you grew up?

Q. Consider what your best skill is. How were you prepared in order to acquire that skill? How long did it take to learn that skill?

Q. Moses was the most humble man according to Numbers 12:3. Why is humility an attractive quality in God’s eyes?

Q. Was Moses’ humility an innate quality of his heart, or was it developed during his 40 years in the land Midian? Or was it a combination of both?

Q. Who are people in history you admire who had great effect on the world? Did they have a proud heart or a humble heart?

Q. Does God call people today for specific work? If so, who comes to mind?

Q. Why do you think Moses objected five times to being sent by God?

Q. Have you ever sensed God calling you? Maybe for some good work, or to respond to Him?

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