Discussion Questions – Exodus

Q. The Holman Bible dictionary defines God’s providence as “God’s faithful and effective care and guidance of everything which He has made toward the end which He has chosen.” Do you have any questions about this definition?

Q. Review some ways that God provided His providence in Moses’ life.

Q. Do you believe it was God’s plan for Moses to be raised by his own mother? If yes, why was this important?

Q. What must Moses have been feeling when he killed the Egyptian? Do you ever get impatient with the way God is working in your life?

Q. Consider these questions to help you evaluate God’s providence in your life: Do you see God’s work in you and around you? Do you believe that God always knows what He is doing? Have you ever known a time when God used a bad circumstance to bring a blessing into your life?

Q. How will belief in God’s providential care eliminate worrying in your life? Remember what Jesus asked: “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life” (Matthew 6:27, NIV).

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