Discussion Questions – Genesis 3

Q. In your culture (and cultures you know), is there a Satan-like figure? What is he like and what does he do among people? How powerful is he?

Q. John wrote about “sinful desires, sinful eyes, and pride in themselves,” Do these three cover all sins? What do these sins look like in daily life?

Q. Discuss the concept of “doing good things in bad ways”. Does the end ever justify the means?

  • Uses our own sinful tendencies
  • Twists scripture
  • Hides his true identity
  • Uses half-truths
  • Casts doubt on God’s Word
  • Suggests that there are no consequences
  • Provides false ministers (sources of “truth”
  • Offers counterfeit righteousness

Q. Who was more guilty, Adam or Eve?

Q. Discuss: “Are we sinners because of Adam, or because of our own sin?”

Q. If God has provided “rescue” from sin and its consequences. What response does He expect from us?

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