Discussion Questions – Genesis 6

Q. What are some common myths and legends from your nations’ culture and history?

Q. Are those myths and legends based on any actual truth? Or are they completely fabricated?

Q. How do you understand the nature of angels, fallen angels, demons, and evil or unclean spirits?

Q. How do you think God feels about the 20th century being the deadliest century ever, with rough estimates of 200 million people having died?

Q. How should God handle sin? Should he intervene and stop us, or let us continue in our ways?

Q. The ancients believed in a place called Tartarus, a place in the underworld of suffering after death. The Bible talks about a similiar place for those guilty of sin. Do you think this place is real?

Q. If this place of eternal punishment is real, how can you be sure you will not end up there?

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