Discussion Questions (Philippians 1:1-11)

Q. Have you ever started a new project, work, or mission, and it was very difficult getting started, and you were greatly discouraged by all the obstacles?

Q. Have you ever patiently carried out a difficult task, and after enough time, hard work, and consistency, you began to see fruits from your efforts?

Q. When a person becomes a Christian, do they immediately start living a perfectly righteous life? Why or why not?

Q. What role does God play when helping a Christian grow spiritually? What role does the church play?

Q. Who do you think of when thinking of someone who has/had a strong prayer life? Compare that with your prayer life?

Q. Are you “approving things that are excellent” in your life? Could you present yourself sincere and without offense to Jesus Christ right now?

Q. What does it mean to have a pure conscience? Is it possible to walk with a pure conscience?

Q. If we have sinful, unhealthy, lifestyle patters, what can we do to overcome it? Can a person overcome it?

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